Cobalt Iron delivers the industry’s first enterprise-class cloud backup SaaS offering.  Cobalt Iron’s product, Adaptive Data Protection, scales from terabytes to exabytes and provides the simplicity not found in backup technologies and tools today.  Cobalt Iron ADP is:
  • Delivered as a service and controlled via our ADP Dashboard
  • A single, flexible deployment model scaling the range of private to hybrid to public
  • Leverages cloud investments in Amazon AWS, IBM SoftLayer, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud
  • Delivers industry leading features, functions, and platform/application support
  • Requires zero backup application expertise
Cobalt Iron delivers innovative data protection solutions, enabling customers to transform their complex, backup-centric IT infrastructure into a recovery-centric, simple, scalable, flexible service.  Cobalt Iron eliminates the burden of constantly monitoring, maintaining and upgrading in-house data protection environments, while allowing customers to retain full operational control.

Cobalt Iron Adaptive Data Protection is redefining enterprise data protection from a box of tools and technologies into an simple, flexible service.

The Cobalt Iron founding team and employees are committed to accelerating the use of analytics and cloud resources to create an economic impact – save money, make money, and win competitive battles. Our team has over 100 years of data protection design, development, and deployment experience.  

Our Subject Matter Experts and Founders


Richard Spurlock – CEO and Founder

Richard is one of the world’s most distinguished data protection engineers in the world. After 15 years delivering the world’s largest data protection to end users, Richard and his team developed ADP 1.0, the industry’s first enterprise-class cloud data protection software solution. Richard started his career as an IT end user and has focused his professional career on developing data protection solutions designed for the operator and administrator. Richard is a frequent industry spokesman and avid Formula 1 racing fan with his family!

Michael Rowan – Chief Technology Officer

Michael’s data protection DNA was uncovered in Cambridge, Massachusetts at Clam Associates, the company acquired by IBM for their HA software capabilities. Michael’s vision and energy has resulted in the creation of three additional successful data protection software companies, including Revivio (acquired by Symantec) and Viridity (acquired by Schneider Electronics/APC). Michael’s 20+ years in data protection have convinced him that user consumability and business SLA achievement are the only outcomes that matter. When not building teams and software, Michael can be found leaping off bridges and out of airplanes pursuing his passion for skydiving and BASE jumping.

Mark Ward – Chief Operating Officer

As employee #60 at EMC, Mark learned at an early age that “the guy who knows why always wins versus the guy who knows how!” Simply put, Mark makes Cobalt Iron’s offerings simple to understand, implement and extract value from. Whether via Cobalt Iron’s marketing or channel-driven sales model, Mark’s number one objective is to make Cobalt Iron easy to do business with. Mark is an avid fisherman and can be regularly seen off the waters of Cape Cod in the warm weather months.

Robert M. Marett – Chief Architect

Robert M. Marett is a 20 year veteran of the storage and data protection industries. Robert spent the past decades leading specialized SWAT teams solving complex, critical technology challenges for enterprise product vendors such as IBM, EMC, and Hewlett Packard. He has been responsible for designing and delivering solutions to Fortune 1000 customers including Coke-a-Cola, IBM, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Commerce Bank, Mayo Clinic, United States Federal Reserve, Sprint Corporation, Union Pacific, and Whirlpool. He has architected a diverse set of storage management, backup, and disaster recovery solutions for these companies internationally and is recognized as a key technical leader in the enterprise data protection space. Rob holds two US patents in the data protection space. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Kansas.