Certified ADP Accelerators and Storage

Cobalt Iron is committed to delivering enterprise class solutions with configurable performance, scale, and world-wide service logistics. As such we have developed a list of certified hardware and cloud services to deploy in combination with Cobalt Iron’s ADP software. The Cobalt Iron Accelerator provides a single package of hardware, software, and enhanced systems management to eliminate the deployment and maintenance challenges of traditional backup infrastructure. Connection to the Cobalt Iron cloud provides real-time monitoring, management, service, updates, and upgrades without the need for intervention by the customer.

Benefits of a Cobalt Iron Accelerator Include

  • A single part number for a complete solution
  • Pre-configured, delivered production ready
  • Energy efficient
  • High performance
  • Easily scalable

ADP Accelerators

ADP Accelerators are sized by required backup performance, scale, and capacity.

Accelerators can easily be expanded to accommodate growth. Expansion options for both capacity and performance are available for each size/tier.

Micro Small Medium Large Enterprise
Standard Capacity 0 – 4 TB 4 – 24 TB 12 – 256 TB 16 – 512 TB 32 – 4,096 TB

Cobalt Iron Lifts the Burden of Design, Operations, and Maintenance While Delivering the Control and Reliability You Require

Cobalt Iron Accelerators are constantly monitored, maintained, and enhanced to stay feature-current and trouble-free. Cobalt Iron Accelerators are engineered to deliver best practices for key storage technologies including compression, de-duplication, replication, encryption, and policy-based management to match the retention requirements of specific data types, applications, security, and compliance requirements. Cobalt Iron manages all hardware diagnostics, troubleshooting, replacement or repairs. All of this is delivered cost effectively by carefully selecting common, off-the-shelf components delivered in certified packages to deliver maximum performance.