Mosaic Architecture

MOsaic TileIn the enterprise IT environment complexity has become the norm. Over the years, we have been asked by the businesses to provide service level agreement (SLA) enhancements by application or server infrastructure rather than as part of an enterprise architecture. As such, we have accumulated a multitude of vendor solutions that perform admirably as a stand alone but fail to provide us a global managed solution. In the data protection market, this paradigm is alive and well. Due to the inadequacies of our backup applications, hardware vendors like EMC, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, Hitachi Data Systems, and IBM have delivered specific performance accelerators to decrease backup times or increase recovery capabilities. It is now very common for an enterprise to have two to three different vendor backup applications with three to five different hardware storage devices (VTL, de-duplication, flash, and tape library).

Over the past 20 years, our team at Cobalt Iron has worked with the largest and most complex data protection environments to create a simplistic, performant, manageable, and efficient solution. We call it our Mosaic Architecture.

We recognize that any given data protection solution or “tile” may look good as a stand alone but when included into the larger enterprise view its value is often blurred or destructive to the ultimate goal of the organization. We’ve solved that challenge by taking a holistic view of backup application software, storage accelerators, and the promise of the cloud. Cobalt Iron’s Mosaic Architecture has proven to provide operators, administrators and executive teams with the ability to deliver on SLAs to the business under budget, with cloud consumability and with audited management metrics.