Mosaic Consulting Services

Cobalt Iron has been providing data protection consulting services to the Global 1000 for 20+ years. We recognize that with shrinking staffs and increased workloads, IT executives frequently need data protection subject matter expertise to complement their existing teams. Whether your needs include a thorough assessment of your existing data protection environment or just quick access to TSM, Simpana, or NetBackup expertise, Cobalt Iron can assist you.

Our Current Service Offerings Include

Data Protection Assessment

Backup environments are complex and expensive. Cobalt Iron will, with zero impact to your live environment, quickly examine your current backup estate and produce a detailed assessment including a detailed 36-month ROI. This will enable you to:

  1. Visualize the size and complexity of your current backup and recovery environment
  2. Use real empirical performance and risk information across all your platforms
  3. Consolidate all your infrastructure and data onto your strategic platform with confidence
  4. Clean and optimize your historic data files

DR Recovery Consulting

Optimizing backups has created decades of problems for customers. Optimizing for recovery is the critical approach. Leveraging Cobalt Iron, customers simply re-approach the fundamentals that change the problems of backup into the efficiencies of recovery. Cobalt Iron will:

  1. Assess the current recovery economics and processes
  2. Apply the economics of cloud resources for increased efficiency and operational improvements
  3. Define options to decommission outdated infrastructure
  4. Speed disaster recovery tests and events

Advanced Client Installations

IT environments are a complex mix of systems and applications. For effective protection, a mix of client and client-less coverage is required. And client installation increases the sharp pain of backup. Transforming to a data protection solution, client deployment can still be a challenge. Cobalt Iron’s advanced client installation offering enables:

  1. Rapid deployment of client coverage
  2. Centralized client management and configuration
  3. Enhanced control over legacy product replacement
  4. Certified installation packages optimized for your enterprise

ADP Implementation Services

Backup is hard. Cobalt Iron’s implementation team will provide clarity, speed, and simplicity for the process. Using Cobalt Iron ADP implementation services, you will:

  1. Quickly deploy a new architecture for data protection
  2. Reduce expenses and time for deployment
  3. Expertly navigate the complexities of conversion
  4. Migrate the data from legacy backup products for complete decommission of old systems
  5. Optimize your data protection investment