Backup Application Upgrade

When looking at this year’s IT budget, do you have a backup application license renewal planned? If so Cobalt Iron recommends that you consider leveraging the power of the cloud and the simplicity of adaptive data protection (ADP) software. Too often, IT is forced to make point-solution purchases to appease new service level agreement (SLA) demands from the business, thus increasing the overall complexity of the data protection environment. When it’s time to evaluate the upgrade or replacement of your core backup application, we invite you to review the impact Cobalt Iron has delivered for clients similar to you.

TSM estate

Commonly, large-enterprise backup solutions utilize TSM, vendor X tape, vendor Y Virtual Tape Library (VTL), and DR plan of Z. Cobalt Iron creates a smooth, quick path for customers to move from frustrating backup to adaptive data protection. Cobalt Iron’s transformation for TSM customers has resulted in:

  1. Reduced operational complexities and costs
  2. Savings in software licensing costs
  3. Faster backup times
  4. Shortened DR tests and recovery times
  5. Simplified cloud experience for backup services
  6. Leverage cloud resources

Cobalt Iron transforms TSM customers from backup software into a flexible, dynamic cloud service.

Netbackup estate

Customers leveraging NetBackup are very diverse. From mid-sized environments to world-wide enterprises, Netbackup drives a number of IT budgets. Cobalt Iron reduces the hardware and software costs as well as increasing the efficiency of backup that customers experience.

  1. Reduced hardware costs by deploying less infrastructure
  2. Reduced software licensing costs
  3. Faster backup times
  4. Reduced network bandwidth requirements
  5. Centralized management for a global environment
  6. Shortened DR tests and recovery times
  7. Leverage cloud resources

Cobalt Iron changes the backup complexity for Netbackup customers into an efficient, dynamic cloud service.

Avamar/Data Domain estate

Enterprises have sizable investments in backup appliances such as Data Domain and other VTLs. Enterprises leveraging Avamar and Data Domain are increasingly challenged with the complexities and growing costs associated with their landscapes. Cobalt Iron both reduces the costs and simplifies deployment and operations of a scaling, global backup solution by:

  1. Faster backup times
  2. Improve remote site protection with centralized, global management
  3. Reduced infrastructure costs
  4. Improved scalability and flexibility
  5. Simplified cloud experience for backup services
  6. Leverage cloud resources
  7. Single product to deliver on complete enterprise requirements

Cobalt Iron breaks the high cost and complexity model for Avamar/Data Domain customers into a simple, dynamic cloud service.

Multiple Backup estate

Cobalt Iron is at its best in a multiple backup vendor landscape. The consolidation of services, the enhancement in efficiencies, and the simplification of backup into a data protection service produces measurable, business-impacting results.

Cobalt Iron’s transformation for customers has produced a variety of impacts. Customers have experienced results including:

  1. 92% faster restores
  2. 77% faster nightly backups
  3. 90% reduction in stored data volumes
  4. 80% reduction in management time