Why Cobalt Iron?

Why Cobalt Iron?Today a comprehensive data protection strategy is no longer a nice to have, it is a have to have. Sounds like the recent discussions on security? It does but with one big difference…the security world is actually innovating and driving major security strategy and architectural changes. The data protection world has been locked in incrementally when it comes to innovation, until now. Cobalt Iron is a company designed, funded and developed by data protection users. Yes, we know TSM, Commvault, Veritas, Veem and probably 5-10 other backup application software packages. And yes we have deployed client side de-dupe, server side de-dupe and “proprietary appliance de-dupe”. We know tape and tape library management. We know replication, DR testing and archiving, we know scheduling and reporting and most of all we know it all gives us a headache! So unlike many product companies, we did not set out to build the Taj Mahal of data protection, we decided to develop aspirin for our backup and data protection headache. From our user-influenced lens that equated to the following:
  • The application must be able to identify unprotected clients, report on backup job performance and completion, audit my scheduler and provide me an intuitive drill-down interface to analyze data protection service level agreements (SLAs)
  • The solution must be scalable by capacity, performance and SLA/policy without fork-lift upgrades
  • The solution must provide a graceful path from my existing “islands of data protection” to a homogeneous enterprise platform
  • The solution must leverage the cost and availability of cloud compute and storage
  • And the solution must provide proactive SLA and enterprise reporting and real-time analytics for reactive-event-based demands
As we assessed these requirements we quickly determined how to deliver massive innovation without a massive process, policy or people change for the end user. Learn about Cobalt Iron Solutions