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The Platform

The most secure backup from ransomware

Compass empowers companies to modernize and innovate knowing that backup data is securely vaulted, clean, and ready to quickly restore operations when needed. Compass simplifies secure backup operations through analytics and automation. Eliminate the daily management tasks of backup infrastructure.

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The industry’s most secure data backup

Compass’ automated security infrastructure redefines protection, ensuring your data is not just backed up but fortified against cyber threats. Explore the future of secure data management with Compass.

Cyber Security and Ransomware Protection

Simplicity meets backup cyber security

Simplicity meets backup cyber security

Navigate the backup battleground effortlessly with Compass – a dynamic platform fueled by analytics, revolutionizing backup management. Experience the power as Compass automates over 80% of operational and management tasks empowering organizations to conquer the backup landscape with unparalleled efficiency.

See the Power of Simplicity and Automation

SaaS and security always current

Continuous delivery of new features and security excellence. Never upgrade or patch the backup environment. Rapidly deploy security to your backup data, pay for only what you need, and scale beyond 500+ petabytes with ease. No one does it like Compass.

Feel the Security and Ease of Unrivaled Compass SaaS

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Secure Backup Best Practices

Don’t settle for incremental security improvements to your backup environment. Modernizing your security isn’t just an upgrade or an add-on; it’s imperative.

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With Compass You Won’t Be a Statistic

Active Directory accounts are attacked every day*
The average cost of a data breach in 2023**
of breaches are caused by attack vectors that involve human error***

Eliminate the attack vectors with Compass

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