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GIGAOM Radar Report Outperformer 2023 in Hybrid Cloud Data Protection: Large Enterprise

GigaOm Ranks Cobalt Iron Compass® as an Outperformer and Market Leader in the 2023 Radar Report for Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Data Protection

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Leading the charge to hands-free, intelligent data protection.

In the war against cybercrime, victory goes to the most prepared, the most informed, and the most agile. With our patented analytics and battle-tested security controls, Compass is driving a new era of cyber resilience.


faster backup, restore, and recovery keep your business running

Backup Success

success rate avoids failed backups and missing, corrupted data.

Cost Savings

fewer resources spent on storage, revisions, and patch management.


of Cobalt Iron customers renew

Wherever enterprises back up their most important data, you’ll find Compass

Weaknesses anywhere can introduce risk everywhere. With Compass, you can set policies, view operations, and track granular performance for all your workloads. We close the gaps that make your backup processes vulnerable to attack.

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Layered security controls for a defensive approach to ransomware protection

Compass is secure by design and the only Sheltered Harbor solution provider that will protect critical financial data for both on-prem and cloud. It’s architected to eliminate vulnerabilities in the backup process that expose data to cyberattacks. If disaster strikes, your backup is ready to help you recover immediately.

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Cobalt Iron pioneered the “no-touch” approach to data backup

We leverage insights from millions of data points to deliver a smarter, faster, more secure backup experience.

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Deploy Compass across your enterprise in weeks, with no need for professional services.

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Adjust workloads immediately, even automatically, with predictive fault avoidance and prescriptive process improvement.

Scale at Your Own Pace

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Easily manage and protect petabytes of data and pay only for what you need as you grow.

“The reports, alerts, and insight into the state of data protection…has increased overall confidence in our backup solution. I definitely do not lose any sleep over backups anymore.”

Vice President, Capital City Bank

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Compass is the secret weapon for enterprises with diverse backup environments

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