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Cobalt Iron Awarded Patent for Techniques Enabling Management of IT Resource Use in Complex, Multitenant Environments

Cobalt Iron Inc., a leading provider of enterprise data protection SaaS, today announced it has been issued a patent (U.S. Patent No. 10133642) for its techniques for presenting views of a backup environment for an organization on a suborganizational basis. In short, the new Cobalt Iron patent discloses unique ways to manage and track IT resource usage in complex, multitenant environments.

November 29, 2018

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ADP Promotes VTL Functionality to First Class Data Protection

Tape operations continue to play a significant role in data center operations, especially for data backup and disaster recovery. However, IT personnel have long been trying to simplify tape operations such as the management of tape volumes, tape drives, and tape libraries as well as tape-related disaster recovery operations. Read the full blog to learn more about how a new VTL offering can help to transition tape to modernized backup.

November 27, 2018


Cobalt Iron Targets IBM i with New VTL Offering

Cobalt Iron yesterday unveiled a new analytics-infused virtual tape library (VTL) solution that it says will optimize and bring IBM i backup and recovery operations into sync with the rest of the enterprise. The offering lets IBM i users back up their data to anywhere – including on-premise and the cloud backups, with automated replication in between — but without giving up IBM i-specific features delivered through existing tools like BRMS and native commands.

November 14, 2018


Cobalt Iron Adds Virtual Tape Library Functionality to Its Adaptive Data Protection SaaS Solution

The ADP VTL feature is not a legacy stand-alone VTL appliance but serves as a software-agnostic tape ingest path for the ADP Accelerator. This first-of-its-kind solution is uniquely innovative because it transforms the VTL into an integrated component of an end-to-end enterprise data protection solution.

November 13, 2018

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Modern Data Protection for Work and Profit

If I had to pick the two most popular IT initiatives that I hear most about today they would be automation and modernization. I find these two initiatives holding the top of the list in almost all data-centric organizations I’ve talked with. We want to be seen as modern and current, but we always want do things better, faster, and with less effort.

November 6, 2018


Cobalt Iron Adds New Storage Platforms to Growing List of ADP-Supported Storage

Cobalt Iron Inc. announces that its Adaptive Data Protection (ADP) Accelerators now support an even wider array of industry-leading storage platforms.

October 25, 2018

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The Winner’s Problem – Technical Legacies and Legacy Technology

When it comes to data protection, what worked very well in the past to help the long surviving IT and the well-established business protect their mission-critical data most likely no longer works quite as well as it did in its prime.

October 23, 2018


Can You Really Afford Reliable Data Protection?

A fair question to ask right now is if it’s even possible to deliver a cost-effective data protection solution, given all the complexities enterprises can face.

October 9, 2018


Andy Hurt Joins Cobalt Iron as Chief Marketing Officer

Reporting directly to Richard Spurlock, Cobalt Iron CEO and founder, Hurt will manage all marketing and product management activities for the fast-growing company.

October 4, 2018

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ATS Group Partners with Cobalt Iron for Innovative, Analytics-Based Data Protection and Precise Service Delivery

This partnership between the ATS Group and Cobalt Iron empowers organizations with a modern, automated data protection solution including the flexibility of the cloud and expert service delivery

October 2, 2018

Press Release

Protecting All Data in a Complex World

Are you actually protecting all your important data today? Not “almost,” “just about”, or “we have plans,” but all of it?

September 18, 2018


Opening a new chapter

Welcome! Cobalt Iron is a fast-growing tech startup in a cosmopolitan nook in the Midwest, where basketball, live music, and technology rule the day.

September 18, 2018


Cobalt Iron Launches ADP 4.1

Providing software-defined, enterprise-class data protection, automation, management, and predicative event remediation, regardless of workload or infrastructure.

September 18, 2018

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Cobalt Iron Appoints Greg Tevis to Lead Global Strategy

Cobalt Iron is excited to welcome Greg Tevis, global data protection and software development expert, as VP of Strategy.

June 19, 2018

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