Secure, automated backup at enterprise scale

The most secure enterprise-class data protection
The first and only hands-free automated backup solution radically simplify operations
Confidence in fast, clean recovery from entire data centers to single files
Native-SaaS, usage-based architecture controls costs
Largest automatically scaling backup solution in the world
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Stop overspending on multiple backup products that still expose you to ransomware attacks

Compass, the #1 secure, automated, and unified data protection choice trusted by the largest, most complex companies in the world, provides:

  • Unmatched, patented forensics automating cyber threat detection and correction
  • Protection for any data anywhere: on-premises, cloud, hybrid, and edge
  • Consolidation of backup in your most fragmented environments
  • Demonstrable reduction in total cost of ownership for backup administration
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“Compass enhances data security by decreasing recovery time from any data loss issues or even malicious activity such as a ransomware attack.”

— Vinny Choinski, Senior Validation Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group


The only secure enterprise backup that is easy to use

Compass’ self-training, automation-driven software continuously optimizes the operations and performance of your backup infrastructure. Break free from risks and headaches of typical backup operations and troubleshooting.

Stop worrying about ransomware. Stop wasting time with backup gaps and failures.

Secure Backup Data

  • Never pay a ransom; attacks are pinpointed to exact recovery point
  • No risk of re-infection from ransomware recovery
  • Proactive self-healing and self-training of vulnerability threats
  • Immutable, inaccessible, and fully isolated backups
  • Deepest, richest analytics on forensics eliminate ransomware attack vectors and human errors
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Secure Backup Data
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Simplify Backup Operations

  • Friction-free on-boarding with no professional services required
  • Control your entire backup landscape from one pane-of-glass
  • Eliminate up to 90% of manual backup administrative tasks
  • No manual patching or updating backup environment with
    end to end automation
  • Proven ROI eliminates siloed backup products and their expensive maintenance
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Accelerate Digital Transformation

  • Usage-based, native SaaS minimizes cost
  • Automatic scaling to grow with you
  • Free Quarterly Business Review to accelerate your digital transformation objectives
  • Consolidated backup data simplifies audit and compliance
  • Full protection for on premise, cloud, virtual, container, SaaS apps, end points
  • Robust third-party enterprise application integration
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Experts agree: Compass is the superior approach to enterprise-scale data protection

Enterprise IT leaders are under constant pressure to reduce risk and increase operational efficiency. Compass provides the highest security, provable savings, and the most visibility into your backup environment.

In this technical validation report, independent analyst firm, ESG, provides insights on the performance and features of Compass.

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“You have built the platform that I have always envisioned, and Compass is way ahead of the market.”

— Christophe Bertrand, ESG Sr. Analyst

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