Compass® Architecture

Cobalt Iron’s Compass Architecture leverages analytics, SaaS, multi-cloud, and virtualization


Born in the cloud, the Compass Architecture is designed to take full advantage of progressive technologies such as analytics, SaaS, multi-cloud, and virtualization. The Commander is an easy-to-use web dashboard providing a simple and intuitive user experience, while the Analytics Engine delivers the flexibility and insight required for today’s enterprise data protection. The Accelerator is a converged, integrated, and scalable enterprise-class data protection system that is constantly maintained and updated, ensuring that data protection is ready to support new technology investments. In concert, these elements deliver the most powerful and disruptive data protection solution in the market today.

Compass Architecture
Commander provides a full management interface to all Compass features and functionality
Compass RESTful APIs deliver rich integration with a variety of applications and services to extend and enhance Compass features
An Accelerator is a collection of several performance enhancing pillars. Each of these technology pillars, or stacks, provides powerful service interfaces to enhance and expand an enterprise’s access to Compass’ data services.
Exhaust Manager is a one-way, outbound-only connection delivering metadata from on-premises Accelerator to the Analytics Engine. All customer data stays within the security perimeter of the Accelerator while the Analytics Engine constantly analyzes and drives enhancements to the Accelerators.
Customer data is securely stored within the security and encryption control of the Accelerator. The storage DAT manages the customer data, delivering metadata and alert information back to the Analytics Engine. Customer data is encrypted, stored locally, and directed to the class of storage that matches customer policy requirements. Storage options include flash, disk, object storage, and virtual tape to tape, delivering on the most diverse of customer requirements.
Accelerator OS is the platform that provides an analytics-driven data protection solution that ranges from the smallest of systems to the largest physical systems. Accelerator OS provides a cloud-converged experience for customers for all Accelerator classes: physical, virtual, and cloud. Built to deliver automation, scale, performance, and flexibility, Accelerator OS turns server, storage, and network resources into the world’s smartest data protection solution in a cloud-converged system that customers never touch.
Key operational functions are delivered by the Administration Manager including replication, encryption, metadata, policy management, import/export, Active Directory/LDAP integration, and 2-factor authentication.
Simplify your multi-cloud data prototection with Compass by integrating with enterprise orchestration tools such as ServiceNow, Ansible, vRealize, Chef, and Puppet. The Compass Orchestration API is continually enhanced to enable integration with the most current services.
All alerts and reporting information can be delivered directly to your existing tools including ServerGraph, billing systems, ServiceNow, Remedy, and also via SNMP/SMTP. Extract more value from the Compass data protection solution while using familiar tools and existing workflows.
Data Protection DATs are the virtualization layer for managing industry data protection products and tools with Compass simplicity. Storage DATs provide management and monitoring of storage devices providing a hands-free operational experience.


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