Compass® Virtual Tape Library (VTL)

A high-performance, software-defined backup solution to manage your existing infrastructure’s tape libraries

What is Compass VTL

Cobalt Iron delivers a software-defined VTL function that is fully integrated into its Compass SaaS platform. Unlike any other VTL solution, Compass VTL is a software-enabled feature that is directly integrated within an end-to-end data protection solution. Compass VTL is not a stand-alone VTL but a unique feature that integrates VTL workloads into the core enterprise backup.

With Compass VTL, organizations can deploy a single, unified solution that unleashes data from traditional physical and virtual tape data silos all while modernizing environments which require tape resources for backup and recovery.



VTL fully integrated into enterprise backup

Unified data protection across all platforms

Modernized management of VTL and tape workloads

Monitoring and Alerting driven by integrated analytics

Automatic off-site replication to private or public cloud

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Eliminates separate backup software and VTL vendor costs

Automation of VTL management operations

Support for multi-tenant VTL workloads

Reduce backup times and radically improve RPO

Enterprise backup delivered as a SaaS model

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Compass VTL Diagram

Eliminate tape and proprietary appliances

Intended for enterprises that wish to replace aging, high-priced VTL appliances or physical tape, the Compass VTL feature will not only eliminate tape management and tape cost but will automate VTL operations and connect VTL data to the cloud, all with a unified end-to-end enterprise data protection SaaS solution.

IBM I / iSeries

Compass VTL brings special value for IBMi/iSeries users. It automates IBMi/iSeries DR operations, introduces transparent cloud connectivity, and integrates IBMi/iSeries backup with other enterprise data-protection operations — all while maintaining familiar IBMi/iSeries backup functions.

Multi-tenant VTL Workloads

Compass VTL provides support for multi-tenant VTL workloads on a single Accelerator. This provides both the separation of work- loads and data but also the ability to select individual tenants or workloads to be 2nd site replicated and recoverable.



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