Compass Cyber Shield®

A built-in backup security feature that enables the safe recovery of your data

Compass Cyber Resilient Fortress®

Data backup security cannot be an afterthought or an add-on.

Ransomware attacks, hacked devices, crashed websites, breached networks, denials of service, copied emails, and other cybersecurity incidents have become commonplace. Most organizations have developed some level of data security response capabilities.

Avoiding a cybersecurity crisis often comes down to properly managing a cyber incident before, during, and after it unfolds. A core component includes a secure enterprise data protection solution that has a holistic view of the entire datacenter/s with the appropriate features and functionality tightly woven into the core architecture, not another add-on feature.

With the Cyber Shield security features built into every Compass® deployment, your workloads are hermetically sealed and not susceptible to the typical cybersecurity points of failure. Because Compass automatically maintains software currency, logging in is not necessary and no logins mean no passwords to steal.  Go beyond Zero Trust and eliminate threats with Compass Zero Access™.

Even if the worst happens, with Cyber Shield enterprise environments can be rapidly restored which is a key component of a risk mitigation strategy.

Cyber Shield helps prevent disaster

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Preparation for a data security incident is essential to avoiding exposure. Compass readiness includes vigilant 24/7 monitoring, proactive problem avoidance, and automated software currency to ensure that enterprise data protection is battle ready at all times.



A secure technology response can dramatically limit the negative impact of a cyber attack. Compass’ rapid, coordinated execution to resolve incidents minimizes downtime, data loss, cost, and reputation damage.



Quickly returning to normal operations after a data breach is only the beginning. Compass delivers rapid restore functions as well as analytics-driven insights to fortify data protection against future attacks.


[Cobalt Iron] delivers powerful cybersecurity features with every deployment of its solution. These features, collectively called Cyber Shield, protect the data backups in the event of breaches such as stolen passwords, breached networks, hacked devices, and ransomware attacks. Compass delivers an extra layer of security by eliminating administrator log-ins to backup components.

— Mike Valenti, Analyst, Frost & Sullivan


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