Fortify Your Data with Compass®:

Unleashing Cyber Resilience and Advanced Security

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Meet Compass®

Compass is a cyber resilient platform that is focused on the protection of your data. Regardless of the size or complexity of your organization, Compass provides advanced, multilayered security, simplified management, and SaaS delivery that is adaptive to your environment.


Zero Access®

“Zero Access” eliminates logins and access to the backup environment, ensuring the security of your data protection infrastructure.

Data Governance

All activities and system events are tracked, logged, and auditable within Compass.

Isolated Zones

Complete second copy or third copy isolation from enterprise network with direct connectivity to primary vault without enterprise network connectivity.

Ransomware Detection

With 24×7 continuous precision monitoring, Compass is your vigilant guardian, spotting ransomware attacks before they escalate. Human resources can’t match the level of detail and consistency provided by Compass.


Analysis and Reporting

Swiftly respond to changes in backup data with automated alerts and reports. Compass ensures you stay ahead by notifying you of any anomalies, enhancing your ability to mitigate potential threats promptly.


Compass is uniquely capable of automating up to 80% of daily backup administration tasks at enterprise scale. Learn how Compass saves time and money through secure automated tasks.

Machine Learning

Built-in Machine Learning goes beyond industry standards. Compass offers dynamic authorization control that automatically responds to cyber threats and events and health remediation for both hardware and software IT resources.

Compass Migrator

Compass Migrator enables you to easily remove aging backup and storage technologies from your environments, reducing investment in obsolete skills and giving you greater control over your data.



Compass easily scales to accommodate growing data volumes. Organizations can adjust their storage needs without the hassle of investing in additional infrastructure and licenses.

Cost Efficiency

Compass operates on a subscription basis, eliminating the need for organizations to over invest in hardware upfront. This is more cost-effective than traditional , excessive solutions.

Rapid Deployments

Compass can be deployed quickly, often within a matter of hours or days. This rapid deployment allows organizations to streamline processes and start protecting data without delay.

Automatic Updates

Compass deployments receive regular updates, including security patches. Ensuring that organizations always have the latest protection without the need for manual intervention.

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