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Cobalt Iron delivers the industry’s first enterprise-class cloud backup SaaS offering. Cobalt Iron’s product, Compass, scales from terabytes to exabytes and provides the simplicity not found in backup technologies and tools today. Cobalt Iron Compass is redefining enterprise data protection from a box of tools and technologies into a simple, flexible service. We invite you to watch the videos to learn how Compass delivers Data Protection Everywhere™. Smart. Secure. Automated.

About Compass


Let us introduce you to Cobalt Iron’s Compass solution. Compass is a modernized approach to backup that leverages analytics, SaaS, and multi-cloud support, built on a software-defined architecture.

The Compass Commander Experience

Managing your backup environment can be easy and intuitive using the Compass Commander interface. Watch how users effectively manage all of your infrastructure and operations from a single user interface – regardless of the workload, and regardless of location.

How Compass Manages Backup Infrastructure

With Cobalt Iron, there is no managing of the backup infrastructure. That’s right, Compass software automatically manages the entire backup infrastructure and delivers data protection via a software-as-a-service platform. So everything is taken care of for you.

Reports in Commander

Without accurate visibility into their data protection operations, organizations struggle to know what’s really going on with their workloads. Cobalt Iron Compass solves this challenge by providing clear visibility with comprehensive dashboards and reporting. Watch how to navigate the reporting features in Commander in this short demo.

The Daily Grind of Backup Administration

For individuals tasked with managing the backup landscape, the “daily grind” is a relentless set of tasks. Learn how Cobalt Iron’s Compass harnesses the power of analytics to help automate over 90% of operational and management tasks.

Save Money with Compass

Cobalt Iron’s Compass delivers measurable CapEx and OpEx savings. Learn how leveraging automation and analytics in a modern data protection solution delivers benefits to the bottom line.

Compass Architecture

Cobalt Iron Compass is a single unified solution that provides Data Protection Everywhere. Learn about the four core components of the Compass Architecture and how they save customers time and money.

Policy Management in Compass Commander

Compass allows you to take command of your organization’s data with comprehensive policy management – protecting your data how you need it, when you need it, and where you need it.

Client Registration with Compass

Compass simplifies the deployment of its backup software and provides visibility into how your data is being protected with protection clients available to protect a specific workload. This is how it works.

True Multitenancy with Compass

Managed Service Providers and large enterprises face certain challenges managing multiple locations and organizations that each have unique backup, storage, and recovery requirements. With the Compass data protection platform, MSPs and large enterprises are able to set up access control and chargeback for large, disparate environments on a true multitenant architecture.

Instant Access to Recover VMWare Virtual Machines with Compass

Cobalt Iron Compass performs incremental forever backups for virtual machines (VMs) and in this video we will show you how Compass enables you to have instant access to those VMs at any backup point in time.

Compass Instant Restore for VMWare Virtual Machines

In this video we will show you how near-instant VM restore from Cobalt Iron Compass can speed recovery even for very large virtual machines.

Compass Full Restore for VMWare Virtual Machines

A common data recovery use case is restoring full VMware virtual machines. In this video we will show you how Compass allows easy recovery of VMs back to any selected point in time.


Reaching Your Peak – How To Map Your Data Protection Journey

For those who aspire to climb mountains, planning and direction are crucial to ensure that you arrive safely at your intended destination. It is critical to have a reliable guide, a compass, to ensure that you stay on track. The same applies to your data protection journey. New technologies and platforms require the modernization and maturation of your old backup processes.

Applying Chain Of Trust Principles To Data Protection

An unsettling trend is underway as attackers are now targeting backups, the very systems that companies rely on to restore business operations after an attack. Through their partnership, Lenovo and Cobalt Iron are applying the principles of the ‘chain of trust’ to data protection. Together they are delivering a solution that will earn trust through industry leading security and reliability.

Let’s Talk Money: How Cobalt Iron Compass Delivers OpEx and CapEx Saving

Moderator, Christophe Bertrand from ESG joins Paul Scaini from Lenovo, Raul Revilla from Cheney Brothers, and Greg Tevis from Cobalt Iron to walk through the savings Cheney Brothers realized using Compass for automated data protection.

Preparing For Sheltered Harbor Certification

Sheltered Harbor protects public confidence in the US financial system if a devastating event like a cyber-attack causes an institution’s critical systems to fail. Learn more about the program, getting certified, and key alliance technologies for this purpose.

Are You REALLY Safeguarding Your Backup Data?

Join this presentation to learn about 6 key security technologies that every company needs in place to secure a clean, current backup. We will talk about these technologies that you need, regardless of what software you use, so you can recover when hackers breach your back door. All 6 of these key technologies are delivered in Compass today.

Interviews with Cobalt Iron Data Protection Experts

Cobalt Iron: Navigating the Future of Data Security with Compass

Join Mike Matchett of Small World Big Data in a candid conversation with Greg Tevis from Cobalt Iron as they delve into the challenges of data protection and explore how Compass is delivering an innovative and cybersecure solution.

Talking Modern Data Protection with Cobalt Iron

Talking Modern Data Protection with Cobalt Iron

Brad Sams, of Petri Dish, discusses data protection trends and what makes Cobalt Iron unique in the market with Solution Architect, Doug Chando.

ESG Senior Analyst Interviews Cobalt Iron

Christophe Bertrand, ESG, interviews Cobalt Iron CRO, Rodney Foreman on our vision for data protection, and the incentives we offer our channel partners with the most innovative partner program in the industry: IronClad Partner Advantage.

One on One with Infosystems, Inc.

Infosystems, Inc. invites Cobalt Iron to discuss the basics of backing up your information, the different models of Backups, and those that would benefit from a hard look at their current data protection environment.

Storage Stories Podcast: Trends in Data Protection

Tim Conley of ATS Group, Greg Tevis of Cobalt Iron, Steve White and Tom Sullivan of IBM get together to talk about the importance of DR, war stories from their experiences, and trends in Data Protection.

Storage Stories Podcast: Looking to the Future with Data Protection

Tim Conley of ATS Group, Greg Tevis of Cobalt Iron, Steve Kenniston, and Tom Sullivan of IBM get together to talk about the importance of data protection.


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