Backup for Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is a fast growing cloud option for organizations. However, backing up cloud-based workloads where the data is secure and can be easily and quickly recovered when needed presents challenges. Google Cloud Platform adoption often occurs as part of a hybrid or multi public cloud strategy and managing separate workloads across separate backup products introduces vulnerabilities to the data environment.

Compass® SaaS-based data protection enables large enterprises to consolidate backup operations and infrastructure across the enterprise, including Google Cloud backup workloads, significantly reducing risks and costs. With Compass, customers benefit from managing all their workloads and more in a single solution, on-prem or in public or private cloud, all from a single pane of glass.

Google Cloud Platform

“Cobalt Iron Compass again distinguishes itself in the arena of cloud backup… garners a spot in DCIG’s inaugural TOP 3 GCP Cloud Backup Solutions report.”

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GCP Cloud Backup Deployment Options that Scale to Enterprise Needs

With Compass, organizations can easily deploy GCP cloud backup for environments with protection including:

  • All default GCP VM operating systems and VMware applications running in GCP
  • Encrypting data at-rest and in-flight
  • Options to protect Microsoft Active Directory and Exchange
  • Store backup data on immutable storage

As a SaaS-based solution, Compass is available in all compatible Google Cloud Platform regions in addition to supporting all five top public cloud vendors.

Superior Data Backup Security Features Protect Google Cloud Platform Workloads and More

Compass data protection platform uses analytics and a containment-by-design architecture to provide the most secure backup environment available for enterprise customers. Compass also distinguishes itself by offering instant recovery functionality for Google Cloud Platform workloads.

The Cyber Shield features in Compass are included in all enterprise deployments. Security is not an add-on.

Superior Data Backup for AWS anayltics

Compass Stands Out for Google Cloud Platform Cloud Backup and Data Protection

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Protection for non-GCP MariaDB and NoSQL databases hosted in Google Cloud Platform

Compass is the leading option for customers with MariaDB or NoSQL databases hosted in GCP. Compass can support the protection of non-GCP databases hosted in GCP. All of these workloads and more are managed though a converged infrastructure across the on-prem and cloud backup landscape.

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Automated Performance Enhancements with Analytics

Compass is consistently and automatically evaluating backup environment performance in the GCP and across the rest of the enterprise environments. The software optimizes for performance automatically whenever possible, a completely unique feature across enterprise backup providers.

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Data Protection for Multiple Public and Private Cloud Workloads

In addition to GCP, Compass protects applications running in the Amazon Web Services (AWS), Alibaba Cloud, IBM Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. For the majority of customers running a multi or hybrid cloud strategy, Compass stands out for its ability to protect such a diverse set of workloads in a unified solution.

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