Compass® Data Protection for MSPs and xSPs

Immediately offer the best ransomware protection and backup solution in the market


The Compass data protection platform eliminates the need for multiple technologies, skills, or ancillary investments by xSPs to provide the industry’s best backup and ransomware protection solution. Compass was built from the start as a fully multi-tenanted solution to efficiently support your customers. Automation and advanced analytics in the Compass platform allow xSPs to immediately deliver consistent services, outstanding operational experiences, and industry-leading ransomware protection across enterprises from data centers to remote sites to public clouds.

xsp challenges

  • High level of product complexity
  • Shortage of available skills
  • Multi-silo management and reporting
  • Over-provisioned hardware and software
  • Inconsistent versions and configuration across the customer base
  • Software upgrades require significant investment, not applied in a timely manner
  • Complex processes to measure customer usage and billing
  • Lack of support for cloud workloads
  • Support challenges
  • The need to do more with less
XSP Challenges

Compass Benefits for XSPS

Multitenancy icon

Operations and Management

SaaS-Based Solution

Always current, analytics-driven automation of the backup infrastructure for every scale.


A single robust system to deliver data protection to numerous customers while keeping all data private, separated, and secure.

Diverse Service Integration

RESTful APIs make backup a first-class citizen in the IT portfolio of services.

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Deployment and Flexibility

Flexible Deployment Models

Data center, remote sites, private, public, hybrid cloud, hosted sites.

Multi-Cloud Support

Support for Amazon, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, IBM Cloud, and Alibaba.

Client Automation Flexibility

Compass simplifies updates, upgrades, and patches with automated installs.

Simple, Quick Installation

When there is an on-site hardware requirement, systems are delivered ready to plug in and start taking on workloads.

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Stand Out and Grow Your Business

Reporting and Auditing

Built in charge-back and show-back reporting makes billing simple. Additionally, administrators can set precision pricing per customer instance, policy, system, workload, or locality.

Custom Branding

Easily customize Compass with your brand.

Save Time

Compass automates up to 90% of the daily management features, freeing your staff and lowering required skill levels. In addition, Compass’ single web interface manages all customer environments, saving time and money.

Reduce Costs

Compass automation allows more paid projects per resource.

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Cyber Shield Security

Industry-leading ransomware protection features built into the Compass solution protect customer data and saves money by avoiding the need to purchase and manage add-on security with other products.

Role-based Access Controls

Limit members of your team to access only their customer systems or provide appropriate access for customers to their data and reports. These robust controls can deliver appropriate access to meet every need.

Global Policy Management

Define policies across the organization at a global level as well as overriding these policies locally for disparate parts of the organization that have differing requirements.

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With Compass, xSPs can immediately deliver industry-leading data protection and ransomware services with reduced costs and reduced time requirements which translates into increased revenue for your company.

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