Compass® for Sheltered Harbor

A Sheltered Harbor Technology Solution Provider Alliance Partner


Sheltered Harbor protects public confidence in the US financial system if a devastating event like a cyber-attack causes an institution’s critical systems to fail. Through a rigorous assessment process, Sheltered Harbor has selected key alliance technologies for this purpose.

Compass is a Sheltered Harbor solution provider that will deliver SaaS data protection with on-premises and cloud deployment options.


With Sheltered Harbor, institutions inspire confidence and trust by following a three-step method of protecting consumer and financial data.


Data Vault: backed up critical data in untouchable offline archives


Resiliency Plan: the business is prepared with a plan for fast, secure recovery


Certification: successful implementation leads to Sheltered Harbor certification, quickly becoming key to enhanced public trust

What is Sheltered Harbor?

“Sheltered Harbor is not a vendor, product, or service. It is a not-for-profit, industry-led initiative comprising financial institutions, core service providers, national trade associations, alliance partners, and solution providers dedicated to enhancing financial sector stability and resiliency.”

— Sheltered Harbor

Compass is a Sheltered Harbor Technology Solution Provider Alliance Partner

Sheltered Harbor engages a highly selective group of solution providers to assist participants in implementations. Cobalt Iron’s Compass data protection platform will offer Sheltered Harbor participants a full solution to protect their consumer account data regardless of requirements to implement on-premises, in the cloud, or both.

Sheltered Harbor participants will be able to take advantage of Compass, a ready-to-deploy, turn-key solution, without having to develop, manage, and maintain a proprietary data vault that meets the requirements. Participants who choose to

leverage Compass technology in their resilience planning phases of the Sheltered Harbor implementation will be able to move more quickly through the process, saving time and money while achieving certification faster.

The financial industry has suffered from devastating cyber-attacks and is nowhere near the recovery readiness that is required. With attacks becoming more frequent and more aggressive, a Sheltered Harbor certification, using Compass as the data vault provider, can help position your institution for data security confidence and avoid crippling, costly, recovery disasters.

Compass for Sheltered Harbor Deployment Options

On-Premises to On-Premises


On-Premises to Cloud


Choosing Compass for your Sheltered Harbor Implementation

As part of your organization’s solution development phase of the Sheltered Harbor implementation journey, your team will work with Cobalt Iron to deploy Compass quickly and comprehensively as the data vault technology of choice. Since Cobalt Iron is a Sheltered Harbor solution provider, and Compass will be the only available technology option with flexible hybrid cloud implementation, your organization does not have to spend the time and resources developing and getting approval for a complex, difficult to manage, homegrown solution.

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