Compass Shield

Compass Cyber Shield®

Built-in backup security features that enables the safe recovery of your data

Meet Compass Cyber Shield®

Built-in security. No add-ons.

Cyber security demands a holistic view of the backup infrastructure with the appropriate features and functionality tightly woven into the core architecture. With Cyber Shield, security features are built into every Compass deployment. Your protected workloads are hermetically sealed eliminating attack vectors.

Compass Shield

Secure Backup Features to Protect Your Data

Zero Access®

Compass architecture implements Zero Access® eliminating all logins to the backup environment ensuring the security of your critical data.

Isolated Domain

Data is securely protected and isolated from the corporate enterprise. Compass fully automates data protection without any level of access to the backup infrastructure.

Data Governance

Built-in data governance means all activities and system events are tracked, logged, and auditable within Compass.

Ransomware Detection

With 24×7 continuous precision monitoring, Compass is your vigilant guardian, spotting ransomware attacks before they escalate.

Isolated Zones

Completely isolate the second or third data copy from the enterprise network, connecting directly to primary backup servers without any enterprise network connectivity.

Backup Validation

Compass analytics validates your protected data and provides read-only, isolated data landscapes with comprehensive recovery features.

Recover with Precision

Recover to a specific moment in time. Compass calculates and suggests the optimal recovery point, allowing you to roll back to just before the incident occurred.

Policy Managed

Guarantee control of immutability and air gap by tailoring Compass policies to meet specific system or status type needs, covering a range of policy management from primary to data copies.

Immutability Everywhere

Compass data is automatically protected and marked as read-only by default. You can customize settings for specific systems and data classes to manage updates or deletions for both primary and secondary copies.


Compass ensures that every copy of enterprise data is stored with unique encryption, preventing the replication of the same encrypted data across systems.


Compass secure backup infrastructure is fully hands-free, eliminating access via people or processes.

*Compass-managed storage

Eliminate access. Minimize threats.

pay ransom, 25% still could not recover the data*
of backup data was affected by a cyber-attack*
of attacks Cyber villians were able to affect the backup repositories*

Ultimate Built-in Backup Security – No Add-ons … No Additional Charge

Deep Cyber Security. Unparalled Response.



Preparation is essential to avoiding exposure. Compass readiness includes vigilant 24/7 monitoring, proactive problem avoidance, and automated software currency to ensure that enterprise data protection is battle ready at all times.



Proper technology response can dramatically limit the negative impact of a cyber attack. Compass’ rapid, coordinated execution to resolve incidents minimizes downtime, data loss, cost, and reputation damage.



Quickly returning to normal operations is only the beginning. Compass delivers rapid restore functions as well as analytics-driven insights to fortify data protection against future attacks.

Cobalt Iron delivers powerful cybersecurity features with every deployment of its solution. These features, collectively called Cyber Shield, protect the data backups in the event of breaches such as stolen passwords, breached networks, hacked devices, and ransomware attacks. Compass delivers an extra layer of security by eliminating administrator log-ins to backup components.

— Mike Valenti, Analyst, Frost & Sullivan

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