Deployment Types

ADP delivers a continuum of deployment options to meet exact customer requirements, private to hybrid to public


ADP was designed to deliver the features and scalability required by enterprise data centers. Delivering resiliency, scale, management, and control, ADP has the broadest operating system, and application support available on the market. Automated updates ensure the most current features and security across the enterprise at all times. Leveraging the power of software defined storage and common off the shelf (COTS) hardware, ADP simplifies enterprise data protection while reducing Capex and Opex by 50%.


Cobalt Iron simplifies the management of a distributed enterprise data protection landscape. Traditional products require a separate login to each system to review status, manage daily operations, and address issues. ADP breaks this pattern with a centralized management, global policy administration, and automated maintenance updates. Protection solutions are designed to match size and performance characteristics including remote backup to the data center, on-premises Accelerators, or backup to public cloud providers.


ADP has the flexibility to integrate the management on-premises data protection with cloud workloads and targets into a seamless hybrid data protection solution. ADP delivers a single dashboard for management and reporting of the entire enterprise data protection landscape. Customers pick the deployment type that best fits the needs of their data protection landscape, with the option to easily change in the future.


ADP provides support for the top five cloud storage providers: Alibaba Cloud, Amazon Web Services, MicroSoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and IBM Cloud. Via ADP’s cloud architecture, on-going updates, upgrades, and maintenance are delivered to ensure continuous SLA attainment. ADP extends the cloud flexibility with options including cloud to cloud replication, on-premises to cloud replication, and cloud to on-premises replication.


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