Enhancing IBM Spectrum Protect with Compass® Data Protection

Along with the technological sophistication required for enterprise backup comes complexity, and the enterprise backup market requires skilled and technical admins to deploy and manage it. Compass’ intelligent data protection works hand in hand with IBM Spectrum Protect to simplify and modernize enterprise backup so IBM Spectrum Protect users can make better use of their investment to transform their enterprise backup experience.


Challenges for IBM Spectrum Protect Users?

Despite technology advances and feature-rich backup products, enterprise backup today remains extremely challenging for most organizations. It is often very time-consuming and requires many dedicated resources to keep up with the day-to-day operations. Even Spectrum Protect users, who enjoy powerful benefits other solutions can’t match, find themselves stymied by time constraints and operational complexities and aren’t able to take full advantage of all the technology has to offer.

These challenges leave enterprises wondering how they can simplify and transform their legacy backup operations while leveraging current backup investments. Is it possible for the same investment to provide a simpler solution with a greater return, more protection, and increased value to the business?

Intelligent Data Protection Removes Legacy Backup Challenges

When paired with IBM Spectrum Protect, intelligent data protection transforms the enterprise backup experience.

Intelligent data protection adds modernization capabilities above and applies them to different stages of the transformation model. Cobalt Iron Compass provides a simple transition to intelligent data management for Spectrum Protect users. Compass includes the key elements needed for modern enterprise backup, Compass automatically delivers all of the capabilities of the Spectrum Protect technology.

Spectrum Shield

What is Compass?

With Compass deployed, users realize all of the benefits and power of Spectrum Protect while completely transforming the backup management experience as Compass continuously automates, analyzes, and optimizes the full data protection and backup environment.

Compass is a new software-defined approach to the legacy challenges of data protection including backup, recovery, and backup operation and administration. Compass is a pluggable, SaaS-based platform, for enterprise data protection, and Spectrum Protect is one of the technologies plugged into and embedded within it.

How Does Compass Transform Outcomes for IBM Spectrum Protect Users?



Compass software analyzes the metadata from the environment itself to drive automation of operations and orchestration. Upgrades, patches, and fixes are automatically applied across the data backup environment.

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Compass’ Analytics Engine collects and preserves infrastructure and backup operational data over time and analyzing for trends or indications. As a result, customers benefit from predictive problem avoidance.

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Compass provides all customers immutable, air-gapped backup infrastructure, locked down and impervious to cyberattack. Nearly all attack vectors are eliminated making Compass the most secure backup software solution on the market.



Multitenancy is critical in presenting a single unified experience across complex organizations. Compass solves all of these issues with a true multitenant architecture.

SaaS delivery

SaaS Delivery

Compass software-as-a-service delivery eliminates the traditional burdens associated with infrastructure solutions. It also lets organizations scale as they grow, stay compliant with licensing, and reduce cost of acquisition and use.

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Multicloud Support

Legacy products often work with only a limited number of cloud providers and use cases. Compass supports both hybrid and multicloud.

Take the Next Steps in your Digital Transformation

With Compass’ intelligent data protection working hand in hand with IBM Spectrum Protect to simplify and modernize enterprise backup IBM Spectrum Protect users can make better use of their investment to transform their enterprise backup experience.

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