Enterprise Backup for Azure

Customers do not have many options for backing up Microsoft Azure despite its increasing prominence. As Azure has closed the gap with cloud and infrastructure-as-a-service providers, more companies find themselves needing adequate protection of their Azure backup workloads.

The backup option that is offered by Microsoft for Azure creates additional offerings for the IT team to manage, is limited in what it will backup, and does not integrate into the rest of the environment in a seamless way for the backup administration team. This is in opposition to many companies looking to how consolidation across the enterprise reduces their risks and costs.

Compass® can help.

As an enterprise-scale software-as-a-service backup platform, Compass offers customers flexibility across many workloads including mature support for Microsoft Azure. Compass delivers backup and data protection through analytics-automated software, on-prem or in public or private cloud, all from a single management dashboard.

Microsoft Azure

“Regardless of the public cloud in which Cobalt Iron Compass finds itself, it excels at delivering backup and recovery. Organizations may deploy Compass in multiple ways in Azure and still access all its features.”

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Microsoft Azure Backup Deployment Options that Scale to Enterprise Needs

With Compass organizations can easily backup Azure environments including:

  • Back up and recover non-Azure databases such as MySQL, Oracle Database, and SAP HANA hosted in Azure
  • Protecting Azure applications and databases
  • Enterprise level support

Superior Data Backup Security Features Protect Azure Workloads and More

Compass data protection platform uses analytics and a containment-by-design architecture to provide the most secure backup environment available for enterprise customers.

The Cyber Shield features in Compass are included in all enterprise deployments. Security is not an add-on.

Superior Data Backup for AWS anayltics

Compass Stands Out for Microsoft Azure Backup and Data Protection

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Seamless SaaS Experience Across the Data Protection Landscape

Compass provides customers a unique SaaS workflow for all backup workloads whether deployed on physical, virtual, or in the cloud. Microsoft Azure customers can manage the backup operations through a converged solution. Through this unique architecture, Compass gains visibility to their entire data landscape, allowing for deeper analytics-driven automation, security, and auditing capabilities.

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Automated Performance Enhancements with Analytics

Compass is consistently and automatically evaluating backup environment performance in Azure and across the rest of the enterprise environments. The software optimizes for performance automatically whenever possible, a completely unique feature across enterprise backup providers.

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Data Protection for Multiple Public and Private Cloud Workloads

In addition to Microsoft Azure, Compass protects applications running in the Alibaba Cloud, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, and IBM Cloud. For customers running a multi or hybrid cloud strategy, Compass stands out for its ability to protect such a diverse set of workloads in a unified solution.

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