Freedom from Legacy Challenges

Proactive problem resolution via analytics and automation

BUSINESSES SPEND BILLIONS each year on backup solutions that eventually age out and need to be replaced. Administrators who have managed a backup solution can attest to the headache that results. Aging hardware begins to experience failures, backup volumes begin to exceed the storage capacity and backup windows available, and archive data on tape media must be migrated to new storage before the old tape drive can be decommissioned.

In the world of backup and data protection some of the top modernization goals companies are striving to achieve include:

Reliable backup job completion

Painless database

Improved restore performance

Migration away from proprietary technologies

Evict multiple backup products

Oust old software versions

Backup modernization with Adaptive Data Protection delivers reliable performance while reducing management time and solution costs. Read more about these benefits in the Customer Solution overview below.




Prior to deploying Adaptive Data Protection, this manufacturing company was averaging 3-4 critical problems per month. Some of these took more than a year to resolve. Since deploying Adaptive Data Protection, the world-wide enterprise has experienced ZERO critical situation in that last 27 months.

The Results with Adaptive Data Protection

  • Reliable performance
  • 99.9% backup success rate
  • All code is continuously kept current
  • All security and fix patches are promptly applied
  • The data protection landscape is continuously monitored
  • Alerts and notifications are issued for all incidents
  • Analytics driven proactive problem resolution

Analytics and Automation Drive Success

Adaptive Data Protection solves technology challenges with technology. Analytics-driven proactive problem resolution coupled with high levels of automation eliminates the majority of backup issues before they even occur. The monitoring and alert system that can be integrated with standard corporate tools (i.e. Remedy, ServiceNow) ensures that administrators will be notified of any events that require their attention. The unified management console allows an enterprise level view of the health of data protection with the option to drill down on any location or system.

Adaptive Data Protection eliminates a lot of problems by automatically making sure the servers are healthy, dealing with failures, ensuring recoverability, and taking care of updates and patches. Our backup success rates average over 99% which allows our team focus on other projects.

— Technology Director, International Appliance Manufacturer


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