Cyber Secure Backup with Continuous Ransomware Protection

Compass, A Cyber Resilient Fortress®

Data backup security cannot be an afterthought or an add-on when it comes to Ransomware

Avoiding a cybersecurity crisis involves managing cyber incidents before, during, and after they occur. A few types of attacks are:

  • Ransomware attacks
  • Hacked devices
  • Crashed websites
  • Breached networks
  • Denials of service
  • Compromised credentials
  • Social Engineering
  • Other cybersecurity incidents
Attack vectors diagram
Compass Shield

A crucial aspect is implementing a secure enterprise data protection solution that offers a holistic view of the entire backup environment with integrated features:

  • Compass Cyber Shield® security features, embedded in every Compass deployment, ensure workloads are secure from a broad range of cybersecurity vulnerabilities.
  • Compass eliminates the need for logins, minimizing the risk of password theft. With Compass Zero Access®, threats are neutralized, going beyond Zero Trust principles.
  • Compass Cyber Resilient Fortress® enables rapid restoration of enterprise environments, a critical component of risk mitigation strategies.

The Facts are Clear…


of organizations hit by ransomware in the past year said that the cybercriminals attempted to compromise their backups during the attack.


The mean cost to recover from a ransomware attack. $2.73M excludes any ransoms paid out. This is an icrease of almost $1M from the $1.82M reported last year.


of organizations recovering from a ransomware attack now take more than one month to recover


of organizations whose backups are not compromised recover in a week or less

Backup Is Great, But Recovery Is Everything

Deep Cyber Security. Unparalleled Response.


One-third of cyber-attacks start with the exploitation of unpatched vulnerabilities.

  • Compass SaaS delivery ensures continuous updates of software and security patches, eliminating these attack vectors
  • Compass supports Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to limit credential abuse
  • A Zero Access® policy is implemented, further enhancing security by restricting access to backup hardware and software components


Backup servers are a primary target for ransomware attackers.

  • Compass delivers industry-leading cyber security features, built-in and never as add-ons
  • Our patented security features, collectively known as Cyber Shield, provide an unmatched level of security
  • Cyber Shield ensures that your backups remain untouchable and available for restore whenever needed

Detection & Response

The sooner you stop an attack, the better.

  • Compass offers ongoing monitoring and analysis of operational backup metadata, enabling the proactive identification and resolution of issues
  • Compass analytics provides impact analysis and metrics on compromised systems and objects
  • Compass provides a recommended recovery point in time for clean data restoration

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