Use Case: SAP HANA

ADP delivers proactive problem identification and resolution with over 99% backup success rates


SAP HANA has delivered analytics to the ERP world and beyond. By harnessing information and leveraging information, SAP HANA clients drive massive efficiencies for their businesses. As such, this mission-critical application requires smart, data-driven data protection. Exactly what ADP delivers.


While SAP HANA is the world’s leading analytic database, it’s native data and log protection utilities are severely limited


ADP delivers analytics driven data protection for SAP HANA workloads 24x7x365 for 50% less than legacy solutions


Modernized data protection delivering value through automation and analytics


SAP HANA’s data protection needs are different than file, email, and unstructured data requirements. SAP HANA has a data structure that creates unique demands on your backup infrastructure. Legacy backup solutions do not fit this new workload.


ADP is a true cloud-based solution that delivers consistent performance across the entire enterprise no matter where their SAP HANA workloads and their supporting application’s data resides. All of this is managed from a single pane of glass through a web interface that is managed from the cloud.


ADP’s single pane of glass allows organizations to manage all of their data efficiently and gives them greater insight into the performance of their data protection landscape. With analytics-driven reporting and auditing capabilities, ADP delivers proactive problem identification and resolution. The solution consistently provides a best practices approach to data protection, delivering over 99% backup success rates.

As a worldwide provider of oil and natural gas products, we rely on our SAP HANA landscape to point us to the next profitable production site. IBM and Cobalt Iron showed us how we could deliver data protection from the cloud at a fraction of our legacy solution costs.

— VP Information Technologies, Worldwide Manufacturer