Simplify NAS Backup

Cut NAS operations by over 50% through elimination of NDMP backups

BACKUP AND RECOVERY of network attached storage (NAS) systems is often a neglected area of focus in information technology (IT) operations. While NAS systems are in common use, few improvements have been made over the years in techniques used to backup and recover NAS data. Yet the amount of stored NAS data and the urgency to protect it continues to grow. Traditional file level backup approaches often bog down and become burdensome in large NAS environments. Replication of NAS devices tends to be expensive. NDMP is yet another option but it brings complexities, limitations, and disadvantages.

NAS Backup

Companies need a fast, reliable option for protecting NAS data that is consistent with the way the rest of enterprise data is protected. To improve restore flexibility and increase backup efficiency, Compass® provides a NAS proxy technology called the Compass NAS Agent. This approach provides advanced functionality, high efficiencies (including costs savings), and improved service levels for backup and recovery including target independent restores.

Compass NAS Agent Diagram


  • Enables policy-based service level management of NAS data
  • Cut NAS operations in half through elimination of NDMP backups
  • Greatly accelerates backup and restore of NAS systems
  • Reduces the amount of NAS data that is processed, transmitted, and stored
  • Seamless replication to and across clouds
  • Integration with many major applications
  • Integrates NAS data with the rest of enterprise backup


Compass delivers a modern approach to NAS data backup delivering incremental-forever backups, policy based service level management, faster recovery to meet RPO & RTO, and cloud integration capabilities. Compass efficiently backups and restores NAS systems with billions of files using its advanced NAS proxy technology. Unlike NDMP and NAS replication solutions, the Compass NAS Agent approach provides NAS data-focused

protection, not NAS device-focused protection. This provides the ability to create point-in-time retention sets of data from previously backed up data. Additionally the NAS Agent approach greatly reduces the amount of transmitted and stored data while providing improved recovery options. All of this adds up to a fast, unified data protection solution for NAS data.


  • Are you using NDMP or NAS replication today and finding those operations cumbersome, expensive, or completely disconnected from other backup operations?
  • Can you recover NAS data from your NDMP backups in a timely manner?
  • Are you able to manage your NAS backups automatically based on business policy?

Contact Cobalt Iron today to explore a new, modern approach to data protection that will save time and money!

Information is the lifeblood of our company, and having a data protection solution that delivers the performance and flexibility necessary to meet our compliance requirements without breaking the bank is critical to our IT governance strategy. Cobalt Iron’s Compass meets those challenges by cleverly using automation and analytics to simplify what was a complex problem for us while driving cost savings.

— David McPherson, Global Head of Infrastructure, Ingeus


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