Stop Drowning in Data Domain

Cut hardware costs by over 50%

THE DAYS OF DEDUPLICATION APPLIANCES are fading and they are now becoming just expensive storage with isolated operations. Data protection costs are soaring and proprietary appliance solutions are over-priced and difficult to manage. Averaging over $1,500 per terabyte for one copy of data, Data Domain quickly becomes financially prohibitive and operationally overwhelming. In addition, if you are using a data protection product to drive Data Domain you are probably paying twice for deduplication.

If you are experiencing challenges around appliance management, network traffic consumption, growing appliance costs, or restore problems, Cobalt Iron offers a cost effective and modern approach with Compass.

Data Domain is Expensive
Value of replacing Data Domain


  • Reduce storage cost by up to 60%
  • Mature integration with major applications including Oracle, MS SQL, SAP HANA, DB2, etc.
  • Highest scaling, highest performing solutions available for these applications
  • Much less expensive than Data Domain
  • Unifies operations with the rest of backup and DR
  • Integrates enterprise data discipline into database backup operations


Compass delivers the ability to deduplicate at either the client and/or server side. However, we don’t double charge for deduplication. Using DD Boost (or any other backup product that has its own deduplication) and Data Domain incurs a duplicate charge for clients. The backend storage also comes at a much lower cost with our solution. In addition, DD Boost introduces silo management of applications which can encourage bad behaviors

outside of enterprise data disciplines such as runaway storage and excessive network usage. The Compass solution supports all clients including Oracle, MS SQL, file systems, virtual systems, and more. These are all managed under a unified enterprise data protection solution through a single dashboard. In addition, our solution automates up to 90% of the daily backup administration operation saving both time and money.


  • Why did you purchase Data Domain in the first place?
  • If you are using Data Domain Boost, why are you paying twice for deduplication?
  • Do you want to purchase more Data Domain appliances or maintenance?

Contact Cobalt Iron today to explore a new, modern approach to data protection that will save time and money!

By integrating with Data Domain we allow clients to leverage existing hardware investments while moving to a far superior software-defined solution with Compass.


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