Data Protection for the Financial Industry

A secure, automated approach ready for enterprise deployment

Your backup must not only protect data and provide timely restores when and where they are needed, all activities must also support compliance with Sheltered Harbor, Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, and FINRA requirements.

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The “long tail” of data breaches means that organizations are paying the price of a data breach for years afterwards.

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How is Compass® Different?

Compass, the enterprise-scale data protection solution from Cobalt Iron, addresses and solves the unique backup challenges for financial institutions. With industry leading ransomware protection features, a pay-as-you-grow SaaS delivery model, and extensive automation Compass enables organizations to mitigate risk, reduce costs, and stay in compliance.

With Compass there is zero backup expertise required, a single dashboard to manage global data protection, physical, virtual, public, private, and hybrid-cloud options to meet backup and recovery requirements.


Data protection for the financial industry with…

  • Rapid disaster recovery and anti-ransomware readiness
  • Protected policy management and role-based access controls
  • Automated backup architecture with robust compliance and auditing capabilities
  • Physical, virtual, cloud, and hybrid-cloud options to meet backup and recovery requirements

How does it work? Download our case study on how Compass helped this financial institution consolidated three legacy solutions, reduce annual courier costs by 75% and total solution costs by 20%:



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