Data Protection for Government Agencies

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Government agencies have unique challenges when it comes to protecting their data. They also have unique obligations to the public they serve. Budget constraints and keeping up with regulations can create additional pain points for public sector data protection administration.

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Cyberattacks against state and local governments were up 65% from the previous year. In January alone, four major U.S. cities suffered crippling ransomware infections.

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How is Compass Different?

Compass, the enterprise-scale data protection solution from Cobalt Iron, addresses and solves the unique backup challenges for government agencies. With industry leading ransomware protection features, a pay-as-you-grow SaaS delivery model, and extensive automation Compass takes the pressure off resource strapped data backup and recovery teams and migrate off of costly or redundant legacy solutions.

With Compass there is zero backup expertise required, a single dashboard to manage global data protection, physical, virtual, cloud, and hybrid-cloud options to meet backup and recovery requirements, continuous updates and upgrades without customer intervention.


Government Agency Data Protection With…

  • Industry leading anti-ransomware capabilities to mitigate risk
  • Zero backup expertise required
  • Physical, virtual, cloud, and hybrid-cloud options to meet backup and recovery requirements
  • Continuous updates and upgrades without customer intervention

How can Compass help government agencies improve data security while automating up to 90% of daily administration tasks?


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