Data Protection for Higher Education

Compass® automates so you can put the focus on students

Leaders in higher education have unique responsibilities and challenges when it comes to protecting their data. Tightening budgets and student data privacy regulations put pressure on data protection administrators to act as the last line of defense. It is critical that your solution is built from the ground up to solve for these challenges.

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Universities — with their large numbers of users — are a juicy target for hackers looking for personal and financial information.


How is Compass Different?

Compass, the enterprise-scale data protection solution from Cobalt Iron, addresses and solves the unique backup challenges for higher education institutions. With industry leading ransomware protection features, a pay-as-you-grow SaaS delivery model, and extensive automation Compass takes the pressure off of resource strapped data backup and recovery teams.

Higher education IT leaders can rest easy knowing the entire backup landscape is secure. Rapid recovery and robust cyber security protection are not add-ons with Compass, but key features for customers. Ensure operational continuity and compliance with Compass data protection.


Higher education data protection with…

  • Zero backup expertise required
  • A single dashboard to manage global data protection
  • Physical, virtual, cloud, and hybrid-cloud options to meet backup and recovery requirements
  • Continuous updates and upgrades without customer intervention

Higher Education & Compass Data Protection in Action

Compass empowers secure backup with industry leading anti-ransomware features. Learn more about securing your institution’s backup environment in DCIG’s report on the Top 5 Anti-Ransomware Enterprise Backup Solutions:


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