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Cobalt Iron delivers the industry’s first enterprise-class cloud backup SaaS offering. Cobalt Iron’s product, Compass, scales from terabytes to exabytes and provides the simplicity not found in backup technologies and tools today. Cobalt Iron Compass is redefining enterprise data protection from a box of tools and technologies into a simple, flexible service. We invite you to watch the videos to learn how Compass delivers Data Protection Everywhere™. Smart. Secure. Automated.


Let us introduce you to Cobalt Iron’s Compass solution. Compass is a modernized approach to backup that leverages analytics, SaaS, and multi-cloud support, built on a software-defined architecture.

Save Money with Compass

Cobalt Iron’s Compass delivers measurable CapEx and OpEx savings. Learn how leveraging automation and analytics in a modern data protection solution delivers benefits to the bottom line.

Compass Architecture

Cobalt Iron Compass is a single unified solution that provides Data Protection Everywhere. Learn about the four core components of the Compass Architecture and how they save customers time and money.

The Daily Grind of Backup Administration

For individuals tasked with managing the backup landscape, the “daily grind” is a relentless set of tasks. Learn how Cobalt Iron’s Compass harnesses the power of analytics to help automate over 90% of operational and management tasks.

theCUBE – Live from VMworld

John Furrier and John Walls sit down with Mark Ward of Cobalt Iron and Tim Conley of ATS Group at VMworld 2016.


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